Inside and Out

I have been out of whack the last few days, paying more attention to the things going on in my world, than my inner self. But I’m happy to say I’m coming back into balance. After burning myself  out with work, I took some serious ME TIME. I even booked a little get away in New Orleans for November. I realize that when I take care of myself, the outer (stuff in my life) flows. I’m hoping that all of you are taking care, too. Blessings!yinyang

Just do the Work

D1_8-of-pentacles-ed1970_V2The 8 of Pentacles is about work, focusing on the job at hand. This is the energy I want to focus on today. There’s nothing glamorous here. I need to exercise, work on my paintings, clean up the apartment. I don’t expect any big rewards, other than the satisfaction of accomplishing what I set out to do today. The work itself is where the satisfaction lies.

The message of the card also reminds me of meditation practice. You show up, you sit. That’s it.