Inside and Out

I have been out of whack the last few days, paying more attention to the things going on in my world, than my inner self. But I’m happy to say I’m coming back into balance. After burning myself  out with work, I took some serious ME TIME. I even booked a little get away in New Orleans for November. I realize that when I take care of myself, the outer (stuff in my life) flows. I’m hoping that all of you are taking care, too. Blessings!yinyang

Nothing to Teach

My ideas and opinions shave changed throughout my life. And that seems to have accelerated in the last year or so. I used to think that I had something to teach regarding Tarot and even spirituality. But as I change, I realize that there isn’t anything to “teach”. I just want to love, myself and others as myself. Sometimes I really need to love myself a lot in order to love some people and some things that are happening. I’m happy. I think I’m nicer than I used to be. I am simpler. Anyway, that’s how I feel now.