Capricorns and the Devil Card and Compassion

The Devil.jpg

Image from Tarot de Saint Croix

It’s Capricorn Season (December 22nd to January 19th). In Tarot, Capricorn is manifested through the Devil card.

The Devil is a heavy card. But us Capricorns know how to handle heavy and most of all–we know the value of work. The aspect of the Devil card that I want to focus on is the work and the compassion that is the fruit of that work.

The Devil’s task for us is to acknowledge aspects of ourselves that we want to keep hidden. By acknowledging these not-so-nice parts of ourselves we acknowledge our humanity. We give ourselves the gift of compassion and when we encounter the same traits in others, its easier for us to forgive and be compassionate to them.

Here’s an example from my life. I’m a Capricorn, by the way. When I announced to my friend that I bought a house, her comments were really negative. I was taken aback. How could she throw cold water on my accomplishment? After my initial hurt, I tried to see the situation from her point of view.

My friend has a growing family and is probably in need of a bigger house. It’s very possible that she can’t afford one, and that hearing about mine was painful for her.

Was my friend feeling and projecting jealousy? Eww! Jealousy is so icky. Who wants to claim that? But wait, thinking back through my life, I can come up with many times that I’ve been jealous. And there have been times when I have projected that ugliness on to others. That’s not easy to own up to, but acknowledging that jealousy in myself allows me to forgive and have compassion for my friend who is suffering from it. And it the process I forgive and have compassion for myself.


Moon bathing

IMG_0001 (1).jpgI was just on my roof looking at the moon, soaking it in and setting intentions for the new year. It’s almost full. I know that the sun is brighter, that the moon reflects the light of the sun; but the moon just seems to hold so much more power. And when you moon bath, you don’t have to wear sunscreen.

The Gift of Space


Creating  “space” around negative events is a little distance that gives us peace. And its really buddhist. This is the time of year when we meet with family and friends and its not always merry.

I try to give it space. When someone ignites my anger, I feel it in my body. And I just let it be there. I give it some space. I try to remember that the person who did/said something that triggered my anger is more than than those words. And I am more than my anger.

Good luck everyone! And, if you can, check out the moon on Christmas night. It will be full. Last time that happened was 1977–38 years ago! Looking up at the sky, we see space literally. It helps put it all in perspective and fills us with wonder. That’s what the season is about, right? And you don’t have to buy anything. The moon is free for all.

Cutting out the Stuff (SWORDS)

I’ve haven’t written in awhile. So much has happened in the last few months.

I’m moving across the country and going through everything I own, deciding what to keep and what to give away. It’s making me realize that stuff is a drag. Really–a drag on my soul. As I let stuff go, I feel the freedom  of traveling light. And I’m not just letting things go, I’m letting people go. And I’ve been doing a lot of internal work. I don’t want to take negative thinking patterns into my new home–and the new year. So I’m getting rid of that stuff too.

SWORDS are coming up in my readings–the suit of cutting through, cutting out the old.

Any one out there going through this kind of purging? How do you relate to the suit of SWORDS?