Lots Going On Spread


Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, I have business stuff going on, and I’m feeling good. I did a 3 cards spread.

Card 1: What is going on with my relationship? TEMPERANCE! I was delighted to get this card. The energy is so positive and creative. I believe that we are creating something new. We are going on a trip and contemplating a move. The 2 cups in the angel’s hand reminds me of the 2 of CUPS, the wedding card. Now, after 17 years of marriage, it’s another new beginning.

Card 2: What is going on in my business? Well, the QUEEN OF SWORDS is all about takin’ care of business. With experience, I’m able to see what’s important and apply my focus there.

Card 3: What’s going on with me? The 9 of PENTACLES speaks to the comfort around me. No need to rush or be anxious, take time, relax and enjoy.

Project Reading

What's going on with my project?

I pulled 3 cards to express what the energy of my current project, creating a Tarot deck. I see the Devil representing: thinking outside the box, freeing myself from the traditional approach. The middle card is about: just doing the work. And the last card is about: releasing the project into the world and seeing where the wheel takes it. It feels good. Thanks, Tarot!



Dealing with ambiguity is difficult for us humans. We want to know where life is headed. Will this relationship work out? Will I get the job? When I do Tarot readings, often people want the cards to answer these questions. The cards can be used for divination. But I prefer to use them as a tool for spiritual growth. The cards are a system of wisdom that has been handed down through centuries. They often have messages more important than the mundane matters of our lives, no matter how important those matters seem to us at the moment.

Just do the Work

D1_8-of-pentacles-ed1970_V2The 8 of Pentacles is about work, focusing on the job at hand. This is the energy I want to focus on today. There’s nothing glamorous here. I need to exercise, work on my paintings, clean up the apartment. I don’t expect any big rewards, other than the satisfaction of accomplishing what I set out to do today. The work itself is where the satisfaction lies.

The message of the card also reminds me of meditation practice. You show up, you sit. That’s it.

The Importance of Making the Cards our Own


I am forever learning and relearning the cards. As I get to know each one on a personal level, seeing its connection to my life and the lives of the people I read for, my view of the card expands. Of course, the meaning is affected by it’s placement, the cards around it, and what I am feeling as I talk to the querent. But sometimes there’s a shift and I start to see the card in a totally new way.

Take the Devil card for example (full disclosure, it’s special to me because I’m a Capricorn). Back when I first started learning the Tarot I accepted the most recognized interpretation, that it stood for being trapped by addictions and desires. I know that sometimes that’s the case, but more often than not, I see the meaning being about thinking outside the box, living outside the limits society seems to dictate. So when I see this card my first response is–creativity and freedom!

For all those of you new to the Tarot, I advise you to trust your feelings as you interpret the cards. Make the deck your own.

Rethinking the 5 of Swords


This card came up for me a lot awhile ago, when I was going through a tough time with some people in business. I was taught that the card meant a shallow victory or that you need to examine your actions and ask yourself if you’re being a bully.

But in my case, I needed to stand up for myself. I think this is hard for me sometimes. But as I kept drawing the card, I kept getting used to the idea. Far from bullying, I was just setting some boundaries. Drawing a line in the sand with my sword.